Sunday, August 24, 2014

Armenian Hillmen with Slings WIP

This is my current project.  15mm Armenian Hillmen with Slings from Xyston.  
The spider is Reaper Bones.
The caps are 11oz. Perrier.

Picture by Jeremy Sherling

Ikiryo and Seishin

Wyrd Miniatures Ikiryo and Seishin as described elsewhere on this blog.

Picture by Jeremy Sherling


Perdita, alternate.  Acquired at GenCon 2011.

I painted her up in a week to have her ready for a local tournament at Games Plus.

She was the best painted.

Pictures by Jeremy Sherling

AoW Chaos Dwarf

Avatars of War Chaos Dwarf.  Painted 2009...I think.

Pictures by Jeremy Sherling


Ork Blitzers.  Painted 2009...I think.

Plastic Lineman from the final edition of the boxed game.  Painted right before or after the Blitzers.

In the grim darkness of the 1990s there was only drybrushing.

More than 10 years separate these paint jobs.

Pictures by Jeremy Sherling

Heavy Gear 97'

I finished these on November 5, 1997.

I know this because I put the date under the bases.

These were acquired at GenCon of the same year.  Never played the game.

Pictures by Jeremy Sherling

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Rosie from Incursion by Grindhouse Games.

Pictures by Jeremy Sherling