Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gen Con Indy 2011

Gen Con Indy 2011 First Place Unit AND Wyrd Miniatures Best of Show.

This year, there were around 15 Wyrd Miniatures entries in the Unit category(as well as entries in the Single Figure and Large Figure categories).  First, second, and third place in the Unit category were all Wyrd Miniatures.  (I know that my "unit" isn't really a "crew" in game.  Some may sleep easier knowing that my entry was not considered for the Wyrd Miniatures crew manufacturer award.)

Given the many impressive Wyrd Miniatures entries in this year's painting competition, it is an extreme honor to have won.


  1. Great unit here man. Love the style. Can we get some detail shots of them?

  2. I have a light tent en route. I plan on re-shooting them. Thanks for stopping by!